About DigitalStakeout Archiver

About DigitalStakeout Archiver

DigitalStakeout Archiver is a powerful browser extension built to augment the capabilities of DigitalStakeout's OSINT and threat intelligence platform. This feature bolsters your collection, documentation, investigation, and web archiving capabilities. You can install the extension on Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Currently Supported Features:

Archive Selected Text

Extract and archive essential pieces of text from any webpage with ease. Just highlight the required text and let the Archiver do the rest.

Archive Page Text

In one swift move, archive all the text from any page. Archiving all text is a simple solution for when you need to save an entire webpage's content.

Archive Images on Page

Capture and store the images on a page with a single click. Archiver will ensure all visual content is archived for future investigation and analysis.

Take a Screenshot of Page

Not only does the DigitalStakeout Archiver allow you to archive selected text or page text, but it also offers native functionality to take a screenshot of the entire page. Highlighted screen capture helps capture web pages as they are seen in real-time, providing a visual record for future reference.

Save a Note for Any URL

Attach critical notes to any URL for context or future reference. This feature is perfect for preserving thoughts or observations associated with specific web content.

Monitor Changes on HTML Selector

Stay ahead with the ability to monitor changes on an HTML selector. This feature provides real-time updates if any alterations are made to the selected parts of a webpage, giving you an edge in your OSINT collection.

Archive to a Pre-Selected DigitalStakeout Container

Easily save and organize your archived content by sending it directly to a pre-selected DigitalStakeout container. This seamless integration facilitates efficient management and retrieval of your digital assets.

With the DigitalStakeout Archiver, you have a versatile, efficient, and easy-to-use tool that expands your digital investigation and threat intelligence capabilities, providing a crucial edge in your digital stakeout operations.

Adding Archvier to Your Browser:

Archiver for Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/digitalstakeout-archiver/

Archiver for Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/digitalstakeout-archiver/icfpfhidnijffcefmjbmipgflnihdikh

After installing the extension, follow these instructions to connect the extension to your DigitalStakeout account.

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    The DigitalStakeout team is happy to help! To request assistance, open a ticket .

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