Change Password

Change Password

DigitalStakeout provides the ability to change passwords through the My Profile feature to access the DigitalStakeout product.

Navigate to your profile by hovering over the yellow silhouette of a person in the upper right hand corner, and select My Profile from the menu. 
Enter a Password in the Password field.

Re-enter the Password in the Confirm Password field.

Select Save.

A box will appear indicating Save Finished.  Select OK.

The user will receive an email to the email address listed in the profile from DigitalStakeout with the subject DigitalStakeout Security Notice indicating DigitalStakeout account information has been updated.

Note: Some email systems mark external emails as spam or junk.  If the user does not receive the email in his/her inbox, it is recommended he/she looks for the email in spam, junk or clutter folders.


    Need help with this?

    The DigitalStakeout team is happy to help! To request assistance, open a ticket .

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