Create a Domain Monitor

Create a Domain Monitor

Creating a Domain Monitor

Domain monitor is used to detect the presence of a registered domain or hostname.  Once you have created a Domain Monitor, DigitalStakeout will query our Footprint database and publish matching results.

This monitor is only used to discover domains with the matching description of your monitor criteria.

Navigate to the Setup page, click on the Discovery tab, click "Add Monitor"
  • Click "Add" under Domain Monitor.
  • Name your monitor.  The "Name" is a mandatory field. Your monitor must have at least three characters.
  • The "Expires On" bar may be left on "never expires" if you do not want to set specific date parameters for this monitor
  • Each supported field provides an option to filter a feed of domains that match the criteria options. To get the feel for how this monitor works, use the Registered Domain Detection option. For example,

    If you want to find domains similar to, perform the following steps:
  1. Add the word to the Domains field.
  2. Select the typosquat option to be moderate.
  3. Set the wildcard field to be disabled.
The query in this example is the same as the following Boolean query in Footprint:

  • Once you have entered your criteria select "Save" at the bottom center of the template. Once you select a folder or place for your new monitor, it will collect data from that point forward.

It is important you use the Footprint tool to test your query before making a Domain Monitor live. Once you have a query in Footprint that you would like to feed, we recommend your first few Domain monitors be created with guided support.

Your input is important to us.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please email


    Need help with this?

    The DigitalStakeout team is happy to help! To request assistance, open a ticket .

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