Create a Keyword Monitor

Create a Keyword Monitor

Creating a Keyword Monitor
The DigitalStakeout Keyword Monitor enables you to aggregate data from the Web that contains NEW mentions of the keyword or phrase you want to monitor.
Leveraging access to our supported data sources, the Keyword Monitor will collect and de-duplicate the results that match your criteria.

Navigate to the Setup page, click on the Content Monitoring tab, click "Add Monitor"
      • Name your monitor.  The "Name" is a mandatory field. Your monitor must have at least three characters.
      • The "Expires On" bar may be left on "never expires" if you do not want to set specific date parameters for this monitor
      • Click on the white field to the right of the word "Sources". Select any or all of the sources you would like to obtain data from.
      Surface Web: General Content that search engines would index.
      Social Web: Mainstream/public blogs, forums and social sites such as Twitter & Reddit.
      News: Mainstream news/journalist driven sites.
      Dark Web:  Fringe websites such as 4chan, 8kun, Pastebin, and Onion sites indexed on the Tor Network.
      • The "Primary Keywords" is the field where you add the subject(s) of your search. You may add words or short phrases (4 words or less is optimal) and you do not need to worry about punctuation or capitalization.  Make sure you add common abbreviations, misspellings, and nicknames if applicable.  You may add up to 20 words or phrases.
      • The "Should Also Contain" field is only if you need to narrow down your monitor.  This is an AND Boolean statement. You may add up to 20 words and phrases in this field.
      Using "Should Also Contain" may dramatically limit your results. For better filtering results, create a broader feed and use the Word List filtering or Boolean Search feature in the Console to find important results.  Using one of these two methods enables have a larger data index that you can search through with more flexibility.
      • The "Should Not Have" line will exclude any words or phrases you enter here from your results. You may add up to 20 words and phrases in this field.
      • Once all of this has been completed, select "Save" at the bottom center of the template. Once you select a folder or place for your new monitor, it will collect data from that point forward.

      Your input is important to us.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please email


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