Create/Edit Email Template

Create/Edit Email Template

Navigate to the alerts page by either selecting "create alert" from the home screen or hovering over "setup" and selecting "alerts."
  1. Just below the words "Workflow Rules" centered at the top of this screen, on the left side you will see "email templates."  Select this, even if the text is grey.
  2. Once you have selected this, if you have already constructed email templates, they will appear and you can edit them by selecting the "edit" button on the right of each alert's line.
  3. If you are creating a email template for the first time, select the "Create Email Template" icon near the top center.
At the Alert Email Templates screen, the only required field is the name field. This is the name of the email template. The Template Options section contains fields related to the actual email being sent. This includes who the email is sent to and any emails to Cc or Bcc.

default value for the TO field will be the email address of the user creating the email template. If you wish to change this, there must be a corresponding account/profile in the product. Add or edit fields as appropriate. 

It is recommended you do not delete or alter any of the existing text, but rather just add to it.

Once you are finished, select save.  Your template has now been created or edited.

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