Create New User

Create New User

DigitalStakeout provides the ability to create new user accounts with varying permissions and access to the DigitalStakeout product.

Note: The "Create New User" feature can only be created by users with Super User level of permissions.  The "My Account" menu and "Create New User" options are not visible for non Super Users.
Navigate to a screen where the yellow silhouette of a person is visible in the upper right hand corner of the DigitalStakeout product.  Hover over it,  and select my account.
From the "my account" page, select manage users.

Select create new user.

Enter the name, email address and phone number of the person you want to add. Make absolutely sure this information is correct. Some fields cannot be changed without assistance from DigitalStakeout Support.
Note: For security purposes, it is recommended to leave the password field empty for DigitalStakeout to send a secure password to the user.

The Root Folder selection allows for sharing or restricting of which Monitors/Searches the user can access. 
If you would like the user to access all Monitors/Searches, leave the Root Folder as the default or main folder (the name of your company or agency if you don't yet have any folders.  If you would like to restrict access to a subset of Monitors/Searches, select Change to change the folder the user can access.

Select a Yes or No option via the radio buttons for Enabled, Super User, or Read Only for the user.
Enabled: Yes - makes the user active upon save. 

No - makes the user inactive upon save.  This is the option to choose when a user’s access is being disabled.
Super User: Yes - allows the user access to all functions of the DigitalStakeout product including auditing of other user activity. 

No - allows the user access to all functions to create Monitors/Searches and review content results.
User Read Only: Yes - provides the user access to review content results in the DigitalStakeout product. 

No- allows the user access as a Super User, with all functions of the DigitalStakeout product or as a user to all functions to create monitors/searches and review content results.
When you are done, Select Save.
A Save Finished box will appear.  Select Close.

The user will receive an email to the email address entered from DigitalStakeout containing his/her user name, password and direct link to the DigitalStakeout product to login.  The user may change his or her password at this time if they wish, but this is not required.
Note: Some email systems mark external emails as spam or junk.  If the user does not receive the email in his/her inbox, it is recommended he/she looks for the email in spam, junk or clutter folders.



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