DigitalStakeout Support Policy

DigitalStakeout Support Policy

Getting Support

DigitalStakeout's policy is to acknowledge all DigitalStakeout customer as quickly as possible. An incident ticket is assigned a priority based on the nature of the issue.

What Qualifies as Support vs Services

Support issues are matters that relate to the expected functionality of the product, finding how-to documentation, or asking a direct question related to a feature or function in the documentation.

Functionality Example: I am trying to save a monitor, and the window & modal is hanging and it will not close.
Functionality Example: I am trying to export a result and the export is taking too long and hanging.
How-to Example: Q: How do I create a monitor for tracking mentions for my brand? A: Please follow X documentation or video to create a monitor.

In some cases, a member of the support team will ask for a call or web conference call to be able to visually see an issue. This support time is not for receiving configuration assistance. It is solely for a team member to see and attempt to re-create a problem to determine a root cause to your problem.

Services Are Not Support

If you need direct assistance to create, edit or configure any aspect of the product, this is considered service time. If you cannot follow the documentation to perform a task in a product, this is considered Service time.  Each plan is entitled to on-boarding & setup time. Any customer that requires Service time that exceeds the following window of time will have to purchase additional pre-paid Service time in 4 hour buckets or purchase product training that will be performed in a controlled environment.

On-board & Setup Service Time by Plan Type

Starter Plans: 1 hour

Pro Plans: 2 hours

Enterprise Plans: 4 hours or specified in agreement

How Support Works

Agreement to a different frequency on a ticket/request must be in writing in the Customer's Service Agreement. This Service Level Agreement is only applicable to DigitalStakeout customers in current standing or do not exceed 30 days of past-due billing.

Officially, support is provided from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time), for DigitalStakeout business days which are defined as Monday through Friday of a calendar week excluding DigitalStakeout holidays.

Customers can request support at ANY time, as every member of the DigitalStakeout team is watching for tickets. We'll do our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible!

Trouble/request tickets must be opened in one of the following ways:

Issue Response and Resolution Times

Urgent: Critical business impact. Description: The service is completely unusable due to a technology failure, resulting in a critical impact to the customer. This condition requires an immediate solution.

A configuration issue that results in too little or too many results on a monitor or alert or query is not considered a technology failure.

Response/Acknowledgement: Two (2) Hours
Update Frequency to Customer: Updates via ticket systems will be made on a 4 hour basis. Continuous efforts will be applied until the priority of the issue is reduced or the issue is resolved.
Target Resolution: ASAP

High: Significant Business Impact.

: The service is usable by the customer but the defect/issue impacts a major feature that is limited or unavailable.

Response/Acknowledgement: Four (4) Hours
Target Resolution: (1) Business Day

Normal: Some Business Impact.

: A service is usable by the customer but the defect/issue impacts a less significant feature that is limited or unavailable.

Response/Acknowledgement: (1) Business Day
Target Resolution: Five (5) Business Days

Low: Minimal business impact.

: The problem causes little impact to the customer, and a reasonable fix to the problem can be implemented within the target resolution time.

Response/Acknowledgement: (1) Business Day
Target Resolution: Fourteen (14) Business Days

All product feature requests are default Low issues and may be immediately closed. They will be forwarded to our product management for consideration and review.

    Need help with this?

    The DigitalStakeout team is happy to help! To request assistance, open a ticket .

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