Emailing Notification of Event

Emailing Notification of Event

Emailing Notification of Event

The DigitalStakeout Scout workflow allows for emailing another user an event or to disseminate information.

Emailing another user an event for informational purposes is conducted within the DigitalStakeout product through the Scout Console.

Navigate to the Console.
  1. In the Console, select the folder and/or monitor you would like to review and send by clicking on the folder or facet link in the upper left hand corner.
  1. Once you have located a post you want to disseminate, select Event Details on the bottom of the post.
  2. Select the Event Workflow tab.
  3. Using the "Email Event To" drop-down box, select the user to email the event to for informational purposes and select Update.
  4. A box will appear indicating the Workflow item has been updated.
The Event Details Logged Comments will be updated indicating the user who emailed the event and the date, time and user to whom the event was emailed.

The user to whom the event was emailed will receive an email from DigitalStakeout Support ( with a subject line of “DigitalStakeout Event Notification from {Insert User Who Requested the Email to be Sent}.

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