Create a Geo (Location) Monitor

Create a Geo (Location) Monitor

The DigitalStakeout Geo (Location) Monitor allows for collection of geo-enabled content within a defined geographic area provided there is a mention of an area within the geo-fence or the post has been made with a device having enabled location services

To create a location monitor, navigate to the add monitor screen.

When the add monitor menu becomes visible, select Location Monitor.

At the top, you will see "enabled" is selected and greyed out. You may select disable now or at any time to disable collection.

Enter a Name for the Geo (Location) Monitor. It must be at least three characters and no more than 99. 

Enter a landmark, building, numerical address, park, common place, or any other location indicator in the reverse address lookup line.
The map will center on the location of interest and a rectangle will appear. If you wish to use the size and shape of this default geo-fence, simply select save at this point, choose folder in which to save the monitor, and you are done. If you wish to manipulate the size and shape of the default rectangle, this can be done by clicking and holding the white dots while dragging them. 

If you wish to make the geo-fence into a circular shape, click "clear map" in the upper right hand corner. To the right of the hand icon is a circle. Select the circle, click and hold in the center of where you want your geo-fence centered, and drag it out.  Geo-fences may be up to 25 km in circumference or area. If you are building a circular geo-fence, there will be a radius displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the map. Do not exceed 12.49 km. Once you are satisfied with your circular geo-fence, select save, and choose a folder in which to save your monitor. 

If you wish to make a geo-metric shape for your geo-fence, select the upside-down boomerang icon to the right of the circle in the upper right hand corner. Click where you want to start, and then click in each place you want to change direction. You may construct any shape you like or that fits your geo-fence needs. Like the circle, this make only be 25 km.  There is no indicator of how large this geo-metric shape is, but if it exceeds 25 km you will be given a warning when you try to save it.  Simply alter the size by clicking and dragging the white dots until the geo-fence meets the parameters, which are set by the data provider, not DigitalStakeout. Once you are allowed to save, select a folder in which to save your monitor.

Utilize the Zoom In (+) / Zoom Out (-) as needed to refine to the location of interest.

You may toggle between the animated map version or a satellite view with the button in the upper left hand corner.

You may drag the yellow Google Street icon down and get a street level view at anytime.

You may enter full screen mode with the box icon just below the + and - signs.

Your input is important to us.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please email


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