Word List Filtering

Word List Filtering

Word List Filtering

Word Lists enable you to query your real-time and historical results for hundreds of keywords and phrases at one time. This allows for more effective data analysis by separating noise from relevant content.

Word List​s do not impact your Monitor configuration and data collection. Word Lists are strictly used to assist you through mining the data your Monitors have collected.

You can create and edit Word Lists in Scout -> Manage Monitors->Hover over "Manage" -> Word Lists.

Word Lists can be used throughout the product for filtering of results, alerts and analytics. To apply a Word List, select the appropriate word list from the Word List drop down above the Boolean Filter field.

There are two types of Word Lists: DigitalStakeout proprietary word lists and custom word lists. DigitalStakeout's proprietary word lists are maintained by DigitalStakeout and custom word lists are created by and maintained by you, the user.

When using word lists, please keep in mind of the following challenges when using a "bag of words" to perform analysis.
  • The vocabulary requires careful design, most specifically in order to manage the size, which impacts ability to match the intent of your query.
  • Some terms are used frequently and some terms are used sporadically. This will affect the number of matches you get as you mine your collected data.
  • Word Lists ignore context and the true meaning of words. We assume you have created a monitor with the proper context where Word List matches create meaning.
  • The order of single words in Word Lists is ignored. If you want to have more meaningful matches, you can use phrases but understand that your results and accuracy with phrases will vary.

Need help with creating custom Word Lists? DigitalStakeout offers custom Word List analysis and design through professional services.

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