Performing a Canvass Search (Article and Video)

Performing a Canvass Search (Article and Video)

Canvass automatically performs discovery on 750+ social media and millions of surface sites to obtain the digital footprint of a brand, company, or person.

Navigate to the Canvass application from anywhere in the platform.

Enter name or screen name in the text entry field. Select the magnifying glass or hit enter to perform the search. If you use a name, that person you're searching for must use that name on their profiles and usernames online.

Example: John Smith for a name, or 123birdlover for a screen name. Omit any "@" type symbols from your search and use the screen name only.
Note: Ensure page has completely loaded before selecting the magnifying glass.

Once you enter a name or screen name and select the magnifying glass, the result screen will be displayed:
The fields from left to right:

Source:  This is the provider of the information.
Domain: This is the website from which the information was obtained.
Screen Name: This is the screen name of the person.  It usually varies from the person's name, as seen above.
Person Name: This is the name of the person, if they choose to enter it.
Location:  This is where the person is located, or where they have stated they are.
Category: This is the type of profile, i.e. social media as above.
Action: "Account Page" and "Screen Shot" are both clickable.  Selecting screen shot will get you around any software or profile viewer ID your user may have, it will just display a screen shot.  "Account Page" will take you to the actual page within the hosting website.


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