Scout Alert& Incident API

Scout Alert& Incident API

DigitalStakeout Scout Alert & Incident API

See the following developer documentation to consume DigitalStakeout Scout alerts and incidents by REST API.

API Keys
 API keys are required for performing requests for the DigitalStakeout Scout Alert API. From this page you can generate a new key or retrieve a key which has already been generated.  After navigating to My Account, Go to the Integrations tab, and generate a Token, click SAVE.

API Access

API Keys are are "PINNED" to a user. API Keys generated by a user will have access to the same data the user can access in the Portal.

Rate Limits

Rest API requests are subject to rate limits within a 15 minute period, which will be done per API key per API endpoint. If a limit is exceeded, we will return a HTTP 429 error code (Too Many Requests). This API should not be queried more than a rate of 1 per second.  In most cases, polling every 1 every 60 seconds is adequate.

Pseudo Exporting

Due to copyright restrictions from data providers, it is not intended for this API to become an export mechanism for all the results in your DigitalStakeout Scout instance. If your Alert volume is greater than 5% than your aggregate collection volume, data tagging to allow results to be consumed by this API will be rate limited.

Response Schema

This is the schema of the alert response.

Response Example

 This is an example of an alert response.


DigitalStakeout's API use the following error codes:




Bad Request – Your request is bad.


Unauthorized – Your API key is wrong.


Not Found – The specified url could not be found.


Method Not Allowed – You tried to access our api with an invalid method.


Not Acceptable – You requested a format that isn’t json.


Too Many Requests – You’re sending too many requests! Slow down.


Internal Server Error – We had a problem with our server. Try again later.


Service Unavailable – We’re temporarily offline for maintenance. Please try again later.

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