Welcome to DigitalStakeout

Welcome to DigitalStakeout

Who is DigitalStakeout for?

For security operations and threat intelligence analysts that need to monitor, investigate and analyze data from the web, social media and cyber sources to make better security decisions.

What is DigitalStakeout?
With our modular platform and monitors, you can build a security analytics capability exactly the way you want it – you are in control. Once your all your brand, employees, locations and other identifiers are configured, it will collect, enrich  and detect mentions from social media, the web and cyber sources to illuminate threats specific to your organization – whether it’s through instant alerting, integration or further analysis using machine-learning methods.


What should I expect?

  • Security analytics requires patience, it takes time to build it into your processes. Get as much buy-in from your team and leadership ASAP.
  • Security analytics are noisy at first until you get the hang of searching, filtering, and understanding the dynamics of what you are monitoring and analyzing.
  • Security analytics requires planning. We're here to support you on this area. Please ask support questions or review our best practices for assistance. We also offer professional services.
  • DigitalStakeout can provide amazing results with the the correct execution. The customers who follow our subject matter expert advice produce amazing results.
  • DigitalStakeout is constantly adapting to the needs and feedback of our customers. We are constantly measuring usage, improving and implementing minor changes - including changes to support current web browsers. If the change is a visual change, it's minor and doesn't impact a learned feature, we'll deploy a change transparently. If the change is a major change (impacting productivity, capability, navigation, or user experience), we'll communicate a preview of the coming change.

How do I get assistance?

Our team is always available to help you and you'll always get the expert answer for your issue. Customers can reach us via email at support@digitalstakeout.com or submitting a ticket through the DigitalStakeout portal.

How do I schedule training?

If you have purchased training or you are requesting time for your initial on-board session, you can schedule your session with our success team by clicking here.


    Need help with this?

    The DigitalStakeout team is happy to help! To request assistance, open a ticket .

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